Commitment to Social Responsibility

The company O Segredo do Mar – Textiles and Apparel, Ltd. (OSDM) believes that companies have a predominant role not only in the economic activity they engage in but also in the communities where they operate. For this reason, and aware of its responsibility, OSDM daily assumes its role as an active participant in decision-making aimed at ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible outcomes.

Therefore, the Administration of OSDM commits to the following social responsibility commitments, which are shared with all stakeholders:

  • Full compliance with legal obligations towards employees, regarding labor levels, workplace safety and health, working hours, wages, and compensation.
  • Equality of rights and opportunities.
  • Ethical conduct based on respect for the individual and their rights.
  • Permission and recognition of student-worker status.
  • Allowing employees to participate in training activities to enhance their skills.
  • Trust and integrity in business relationships.
  • Compliance with legal obligations regarding environmental preservation.
  • Preferred use of the computer system as a communication tool, both for internal communication among employees and communication with other stakeholders.
  • Waste separation and recycling.
  • Welcoming of interns for integration into the business environment and/or skills enhancement.
  • Hosting study visits by educational and/or vocational training institutions.
  • Sponsorship of institutions or events through the donation of surplus production.


OSDM is fully dedicated and interested in acting in accordance with its Social Responsibility Policy, committing to regularly evaluate its performance in fulfilling the aforementioned commitments.